French vintagers call for "ambitious" climate agreement

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French vintagers call for 'ambitious' climate agreement
Gemeinsam mit Greenpeace wollen die Winzer Frankreichs ihre Weinberge schützen und spannen Staatschef Nicolas Sarkozy und Umweltminister Jean-Louis Borloo dafür ein
Together with Greenpeace, French vintagers want to protect their vineyards and try to gain Nicolas Sarkozys and secretary of environment Jean-Louis Borloo's support

FRANCE (Paris) - With the help of the environmental organization Greenpeace's help, more than 50 French vintagers and restaurant-owner call for an ambitious climate agreement in order to protect their vineyards. "Climate change makes our vineyards more and more vulnerable", a quote from an open letter published in the daily newspaper "Le monde" on Wednesday, which was signed by the prominent French chef Marc Veyrat and the sommelier Antoine Petrus.


President Nicolas Sarkozy and secretary of environment Jean-Louis Borloo should set a good example at the summit in Kopenhagen in December, after all, France is the most important wine country in the world. The industrial states should set their goal to reducing greenhouse gas emissions "by at least 40 percent by 2020".

"If nothing is done to reduce those emissions, the traditional borders of the vineyards will have shrunk by a thousand kilometers by the end of the century", the letter's authors warned. Experts expect that climate change will in fact impact the wine landscape. Thus, in the classic wine-growing regions more early harvests and less aromatic wines can be expected. (aw.yoopress / translator c.siegel)

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