Debut at the ProWein fair: Englands’s vintners are planning to increase exports
The English winemakers benefit from event year 2012 (Logo: EWP ProWein)

GERMANY (Düsseldorf) – Past year’s celebrations on the occasion of the 60th throne jubilee of the queen and around the London Olympic Games encouraged the English wine industry to focus on export business in 2013. So, the presence of English wine estates play a vital role at the big German wine fair taking place in Düsseldorf from March 24 to 26.


The English Wine Producers (EWP), which is planning to present a varied portfolio from all wine regions of the British isle, is also being supported by famous producers like for instance Hattingley Valley, Chapel Down or Ridgeview.

“From the end of the past decade, we focused on the year 2012 and the big events that took place then, but now we want to focus more on exports”, Julia Trustram Eve, director for marketing at the EWP, says. “By past year’s celebrations, the world of wine became aware of our wines. Now we see realistic chances to enter a global marketing and, thus, to enter export business.”

The isle’s biggest producers have already gone further. Mark Driver from Rathfinny Wine Estate in East Sussex, states: “Until 2010, we want to increase our production to 800,000 liters of sparkling wines and still wines, at least 50 percent of which are to be exported.”

The neighboring Ridgeview Wine Estate, indulged by the high price level, is exporting 20 percent of its production (250,000 bottles) to 11 markets worldwide. “Among other countries, we are in Japan, Hong Kong, in the USA, in Australia, Switzerland and in Scandinavian metropolitains”, Mike Roberts, vintner at Ridgeview’s, explains. “We intentionally positioned ourselves extensively, and export is an important part of our work.”

However, the poor 2012 harvest will exert pressure on English vintners and their export plans in 2013; but they are supported by the expected increase of sparkling wine stocks from the 2010 record harvest which are now being brought to market and which we have built a considerable image for.”

We are undoubtedly benefiting from the 2012 events”, Julia Trustram Eve admits openly. “And I’m not worrying about past year’s poor yield as we have had a remarkable increase of producers at the EWP. We can use their stocks to balance ours. We are also pleased to see our producers to have attained good turnovers in export at the beginning of this year, despite sales in January and February are traditionally low. It seems as if the increase of exports had come in the wake of past year’s celebrations.” (red.yoopress)

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