Vintage starts under favorable conditions

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Vintage starts under favorable conditions
Günstige Voraussetzungen für einen guten Weinjahrgang 2008 in Deutschland
Favorable conditions for a good vintage in Germany in 2008

GERMANY (Mainz) - The vintage for this year´s first Federweisser in Rheinhesse and Palatinate has already begun this week. The weather conditions of the last months have been very advantageous for the growth of the grape vines and ripening of the grapes. The vines are one to two weeks ahead of the long-term average in their development and they are also healthy.


Premature grape varieties such as  Ortega or Siegerrebe are predominantly used for the new wine. The main harvest of grape varieties such as Rivaner, Silvaner or the Burgundy wines - used for the actual wine production - is expected to begin from mid till end of September.

"The conditions for a good 2008 vintage are favourable because of the well advanced development of the grapes. The harvest prospects are currently satisfactory as well," explains Ernst Büscher of the German Wine Institute ( Deutsches Weininstitut DWI).  In the next couple of weeks, the weather will be vital for the wine quality. Average temperatures and not all to much rain would be best. (aw.yoopress / translator e.meissner)

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