Mountaineers - save vineyards - the winemaker initiative Mittelrhein
Zum Auftakt Ihrer Initiative berichten die Jungwinzerin und die Jungwinzer davon, wie sie verlorenes Terroir zurückholen und alte Lagen rekultivieren wollen. (FOTO: Andreas Durst -
At the start of their initiative, young female and male winemakers will give an account of how they restore lost terroir and how they want to recultivate old vineyards (FOTO: Andreas Durst -

GERMANY (Bingen/ Königswinter) - The steep slopes of the Mittelrhein cannot be cultivated without hard, physical work. Thus, more and more vineyards are being abandoned. However, five young winemakers have converged to stop this trend. On Monday, September 21st 2009, they will be reporting about their mission to save steep slopes. The event will start at 6:30 pm at FISCHERS Weingenuss & Tafelfreuden in Köln.


The young winemakers are Felix Pieper, Thomas Philipps, Martin Philipps, Sebastian Schneider and Christina Wagner At the start of their initiative, they will give an account of how they want to restore lost terroir and how they want to recultivate old sites.

Unique and elegant wines with a distinct mineral charcter will be the reward of their intransigent commitment. And, of course, it feels good to maintain the beauty of the picturesque landscape between the Mäuseturm in Bingen and the Siebengebirge in the near of Koblenz.

High above the river, on picturesque terraces situated next to medieval castles, vines grow on the steep slopes of the Mittelrhein. The viticultural and cultural landscape, which was included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 2003, is very unique. Along the river, between the defiant Mäuseturm in Bingen and the picturesque Siebengebirge at Königswinter, a handful of highly motivated young winemakers has joined forces to draw attention to one of Germany´s oldest nature reserves and their wines.

The contagious excitement of these young winemakers, who made a name for themselves with Riesling wines, is essential for the development of this small region, as it is given a chance for the future. Viticulture in such steep slopes is a complex and cost-intensive manual labor. Some day, the picturesque terraces, located high above the Rhein River, would quietly vanish without the personal commitment of these young people. The former 2000 hectares have dwindled to some 460 hectares. Grown on stony shale and greywacke soils, the wines are characterized by a mineral touch accompanied by a delicately fruity acid and a specific liveliness.

The "Gewölbekeller" in Kölnwarten offers several special tastings parallel to the event at "FISCHERS Weingenuss Tafelfreuden". Next to "old vines" and "sweet valuables", animating fresh Riesling wines "beginner varieties" are offered as additional mini work shops in the "Gewölbekeller" every hour.

Yet, another highlight: Anybody who feels like it can taste tingly sparkling wines of the "generation Riesling" as appetizers at the beach bar of the German Wine Institute between 3:00 and 7:00 pm. Afterwards, you can try Riesling wines from the Mittelrhein region. (aw-yoopress)

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