GERMANY (Würzburg) - Four dedicated, attractive young women have applied for the contest for the title of Franconian Wine Queen. They will be scored by the expert jury in Wuerzburg. The Wuerzburg Congress Center will be the location of the event that takes place on March 24, 2011. One thing is for sure: The fight for the crown will be very thrilling. The candidates will not make it easy for the jury to make a decision and that is why guests can prepare for an interesting competition and look forward to the four motivated candidates.


Last year's contest in Bad Kissingen even counted six candidates. Since Melanie Unsleber was elected German Wine Princess in October 2010, she will be representing German wine until October of this year.

The next ten weeks will mean tours, seminars and classes for the four candidates. Of course a lot of contact with the media will be part of that. After all, the 4 women have been active in the Franconian wine scene for quite a while: all four of them are or were wine princess of their region. Thus, tv appearances or performing in front of large audiences won't be a problem for any of the girls.

We are wishing the best of luck to all of the candidates - however - there can only be one 56th Franconian Wine Queen! One thing is for sure: Melanie Unsleber's successor can expect an interesting year full of new tasks and experience within the Franconian wine industry.(red.yoopress)

Ann Kathrin Gerhard
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Ann-Kathrin Gerhard from Retzstadt – District of Main-Spessart

Ann-Kathrin Gerhard has been the 9th wine princess of Retzstadt since 2009. During her term she has met various interesting people and been guest at many fun events. That is what made her want to do more for Franconia's wine. Her parents own vineyards on the side and Ann-Kathrin is very familiar with the work in the vineyard all year. She has been studying for her Master of Business and Engineering since 2009 at the college of Schweinfurt. Her hobbies are dancing in the show group Retzstadt and badminton with the DJK-Retzstadt.

Verena Meister
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Verena Meister from Sulzfeld am Main - District of Kitzingen

Verena Meister (23 years old) was wine princess in 2008/2009. During that time her love with Franconia, its winemakers and wines grew quite a bit. She started with an apprenticeship as hotel manageress and then studied at the University of Weihenstephan-Triesdorf to get a degree in nutrition and health care management. Since October 2010 Verena has been studying at the dual University of Baden-Wuerttemberg in Bad Mergentheim - also for food management and culinary arts. Her hobbies: horse-riding, swimming, wine, meeting with friends and the technical emergency service.

Carina Schwab
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Carina Schwab from Oberschwarzach – District of Schweinfurt

Carina (22) has been wine princess of Oberschwarzach since 2007. She likes working in the Franconian wine scene. She very much enjoys the versatile work  with wine and she also helps out in her parent's winery. Also, she organizes wine tastings for interested wine lovers. After she graduated she started working as an industrial clerk at an energy company. In her freetime Carina enjoys hanging out with her friends, reading a good book or playing the flute.

Sabine Ziegler
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Sabine Ziegler from Güntersleben – District of Würzburg

23-year-old Sabine has also been wine princess of her region. She grew up with grapes around her and wine has always been a big part of her life. She was taken to trips in the vineyard when she was still a baby. She still enjoys helping her parents out in the winery and being social is very important to her. Thus, she decided to study to become a teacher. When she has time besides working in a retail store, she organizes voluntary meetings for the Kolping youth center. Sabine also enjoys drawing and reading.

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