France contracts a wine treaty with Hong Kong

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France contracts a wine treaty with Hong Kong
Paris strebt mehr Absatz in chinesischem Verwaltungsgebiet Hongkong an und schickte den französischen Landwirtschaftsminister Michel Barnier auf Weinmission nach China
Paris seeks more sales in the Chinese administrative region of Hong Kong and sent to the French Agriculture Minister Michel Barnier on wine mission to China

CHINA (Hong Kong) - France and Hong Kong want to make sure together that more French wine is sold to the Chinese special administrative area. He had contracted a treaty with the government of Hong Kong that was a win for both sides, the French minister of agriculture Michel Barnier said today in the former British colony.


The partnership should encourage investments and strengthen the connections between companies. Moreover, the Hong Kong-Chinese should get to know the French wine growing regions better; wine fairs, testings and similar events should act as incentives.

Hong Kong wants to evolve into an international platform for wine trade and backs on increasing demand in China. Therefore, the administrative area abolished its wine tax of 40 per cent in February. Branch experts expect that in three years, Asians will drink twice as much wine as they do now. (aw.yoopress / translator r.baur)

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