Adyar: Maronite onks start their way into the international wine business

LEBANON (Kfifan) - With faith on their side and blessed harvests, Lebanon’s Maronite monks start their way into the wine industry. As a basis, they continue the wine-making tradition of their country, which is in harmony with nature, and they produce Lebanon’s first certified organic wine. With an ornamental cross on the bottles and a label carrying the lettering “Adyar” (Arabic for monasteries), they want to create a distinctive feature to catch the eye of consumers.

In the modern state of Israel, wine is grown on a growing field of more than 5.000 hectares – important growing regions are Bet Schemesch, Zichron Ja'akow and the Golan Heights ISRAEL (Tel Aviv) - The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute in Tel Aviv is already organizing its second visit of Israeli wine cellars at the International Leading Trade Fair for the Wine and Spirits Business (ProWein 29 - 31...

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