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Ornellaia - Muse of Contemporary Art
Einige der 121 Luigi Ontani signierten Unikate des 2006er Ornellaia (9 Liter, 6 Liter, 3 Liter) sind für weltweite Auktionen bei Häusern wie Christies und Sotheby’s bestimmt.
Some of the 121 unique bottles of the 2006 Ornellaia signed by Luigi Ontani (9 liters, 6 liters, and 3 liters) are destined to international auctions at houses such as Christies and Sotheby’s.

ITALY (Bolgheri) - With the release of the new Ornellaia, 2006 vintage, Tenuta dell' Ornellaia presents its project "Vendemmia d' Artista", the artists harvest. A bond between wine and art which will last for several years and which will involve the production of art works by internationally renowned artists who will also design special labels for unique large format bottles.


Thus, the Salmanazar (9 liters), twenty imperial bottles (6 liters) and one hundred Double Magnums (3 liters) of the 2006 vintage will bear a hand-signed label of the artist. Furthrmore, each of these exceptional and limited bottles will be individually numbered, so that they are of additional great value for collectors.

In future, the Tenuta dell' Ornellaia will commission a different artist each year with the creation of an art piece that represents the essence of the wine, the characteristics of its vintage and its personality. The project Ornellaia "Vendemmia d'Artista" is intended to revive the importance of the patrons at the time of the Renaissance in a modern key. As the project is tied to its place of origin and the specific character of a vintage, artistic projects emerge which are inspired by the famous red wine from Bolgheri.

The year 2009 brought to light a wine which the enologist characterizes as "esuberante" meaning as much as exuberant. A wine which, dictated, almost autonomously, the rhythms of the yield, vinification and aging since the beginning of the 2006 harvest.

"A vintage marked by an extremely dry summer, and which reduced the growing power of the vine as well as the size of the grapes," explained Axel Heinz, oenologist at the Tenuta Dell' Ornellaia. "These are two prerequisites for excellent quality," Heinz stresses. The ripening was late. The summer was not that hot, with the exception of one hot week with strong Scirocco winds in late summer, which led to a further concentration of the grapes.

"And then, in mid-September, the turning point: 48 hours of torrential rains, 200 mm of water at one go (in 48 hours more rain fell than had during the rest of the year). The vintage, however, immediately recovered because of the weather that followed," said the winemaker.

"In the wine cellar, the wine reached an unbelievable balance under almost impossible conditions!" Heinz described. "It's a wine which from the outset has presented itself with a character difficult to control and to tame. It took us a while, but we then realized it was a great vintage," he said. Not a classic vintage, but a "miraculous" one beyond the norms, which formed an exuberant wine."

The eclectic Luigi Ontani, who is among the most representative modern artists, is as exuberant as the 2006 Ornellaia. Ontani interpreted the character of the 2006 Ornellaia, and for the "Vendemmia d'Artista" project, he has created four ceramic Sculpture-fountains representing the four seasons. His work is placed in the entrance of the Tenuta dell' Ornellaia, which, like a modern art gallery, will host modern artworks in the future.

Tenuta dell' Ornellaia's vocation to art already became noticeable one year ago, as the estate donated almost 150,000 Euros for the restoration of different international artworks.

Some of the 121 unique bottles of the 2006 Ornellaia signed by the artist (9 liters, 6 liters and 3 liters) are destined to international auctions at auction houses such as Christies and Sotheby's. The earnings from the Salmanazar will be given to the Poldi Pezzoli Museum in Milano to restore the paintings "Ritrato d'uomo" and "Memento Mori" by Andera Previstali (1470-1528). (aw.yoopress)

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