Media agents develop innovative trademark wine line for specialized trade
Leu - der alte, wohlklingende poetische Name des Löwens kontrastiert mit der klaren und dezenten Flaschenausstattung in Gelb auf Schwarz
Leu (old German name for lion) - the old, harmonious poetic name of the lion contrasts with the clear and subtle bottle design in yellow on black

GERMANY (Bad Dürkheim) - Three grapes in Gault-Millau stand for the high quality requirements of the renowned winery Korrell from Bad Kreuznach. On the basis of this wine expertise, the agency "die medienagenten" (English: the media agents), which is specialized in wine marketing, developed a trilogy of "distinctive trademark wines", which adds a new experimental mark to the classic collection.


"These wines are fermented in a natural yeast and partly restored in a wooden keg, which gives them a very special character", says the experienced wine maker Martin Korrell about the new Leu-wines. Thus, the newly presented taste trilogy of the house appeals to wine lovers, who want to discover new facets and marks of a grape type beyond the established virtues. Besides a mineral fresh Riesling and a creamy tender wine Burgundy with a distinctive wooden mark, a refined Cuvee from both wines completes the Leu-trilogy.

Tradition with a new face: Godfather at the naming of the trademark wines was the arms animal of the more than 500-year-old wine dynasty of the Nahe - Leu. The old, harmonious poetic name of the lion contrasts the clear and distinctive bottle design of yellow on black.

"The label", says Christoph Ziegler, manager of the "medienagenten" and highest consultant of the customer Korrell, is reduced to three essential messages: vintage, grape type and of course trademark name". However, the three trademark wines are distinguishable on first sight. With the fresh, mineral Riesling, the old Leu from the arms turns into a male lion with a distinctive mane. The lioness stands for the rather fine and versatile wine Burgundy and the Cuvee from both wines is correctly shown as a small lion on the label.

The Leu-wine line translates the tradition-rich expertise of the winery to a modern, young approach to new and old wine lovers who enjoy experimenting with new tastes. "Our taste trilogy", explains media agent Christoph Ziegler, "thus is perfect for specialized trade and the catering industry". (aw.yoopress).

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