Screw caps take 15 Percent of world market

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Screw caps take 15 Percent of world market
Auch bei renommierten Erzeugern schon fast normal: Schraubverschluss (Screw Cap) bei höherwertigen Weinen
The use of screw cap closures with select wines is not unusual, even for renowned producers

INTERNATIONAL - The screw cap industry is currently reporting that the acceptance of screw caps, which up to now have sometimes been viewed as alternative closures for sealing wine bottles, is increasing considerably. Particularly in Europe where the market for screw caps has been rated as quite difficult, sales have increased by 25%.


Press releases from leading closure producers such as the American cork producer NOMACORC, Portuguese cork expert Amorim or the Italian closure- producer Guala report that the classical cork closure and the screw cap will divide the market up amongst themselves in the future at the expense of synthetic closures.

And the market is huge. Currently, the wine industry is using 17.5 billion closures worldwide. Around 2.5 billion of them are screw caps, with about 1 billion sales in Europe, with an upward trend. Producers from New Zealand, Australia and Argentina also increasingly use screw caps.

Globally speaking, the screw cap is also increasingly used with select wines. Contrary to natural cork closures, the advantage of screw caps is that they preserve the flavor of the wine better during storage. However, cheaper screw caps varieties are not suited for storable or top-quality wines because the increased oxygen permeability.

In contrast, Long -cap and Stelvin- cap closures, both featuring polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) as a neutral liner on the inside wadding and a layer of tin sandwiched in between, guarantee minimal oxygen permeation (an oxygen transfer rate of 0,0002 to 0,0008 cc per day) which meets the currently aspired ideal value.

A comparative study of wines, which have been stored for 25 years with cork and screw closures, has clearly shown that screw caps performed better in terms of freshness and preservation. (aw.yoopress / translator eileen meissner)

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