The ÖWM reports TOP wine export values

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The ÖWM reports TOP wine export values
Österreichische Weine sind weltweit gefragt
Wines from austria in great demand worldwide" alt="Wines from austria in great demand worldwide

AUSTRIA - With the highest value ever reached, the year 2007 seems to become the most successful export year for the Austrian wine manufacturers. According to the ÖWM, the latest statistics showed an export of 56 million litres for an unbelievable sum of more than 105 million euro.


The strong added value of high quality bottled wine exports was crucial on the one hand and the more intense endeavours for quality of the domestic winegrowers on the other. Both would - thanks to their vitality and innovation - ultimately come to friution in the export now, too, as Willi Klinger, the chief executive of the Austrian Wine Marketing Corporation ("Österreichische Weinmarketinggesellschaft"; ÖWM), explained. According to Klinger, Austria, an exporting country of excellent wine, has gathered not only attention, but also respect all over the world.

With an added value of 33 %, the ÖWM Germany is still the most important exporting country, followed by Switzerland and the USA. The latter is an important and growing export partner because of the high average prize of 5 euros / litre.

With an added value of 81 percent the Netherlands, also stand out. Ditto, export to the Nordic countries has increased, especially in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Export of Austrian wine to Great Britain, where enormous increments signalise a breakthrough, is estimable, too. (aw.yoopress)

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