A glas of wine to save the Planet

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A glas of wine to save the Planet
Bag-in-Box System von
Bag-in-Box System from

NORWAY - With every single glas of wine, Oenophiles in Norway can henceforth personally contribute to saving our planet. The Norwegian wine importer Bevco pledged its word to pay a voluntary fee to climate protection for each Bag-in-Box carton of the Bordeaux wine "Château Le Cluzeau 2006" sold, as the enterprise notified.


In general, wine used to be a product which didn't harm the environment, a company spokesman explained. But the "Château Le Cluzeau 2006" can now be enjoyed with an "additional good ecologic conscience".

The amount of the donation for each carton is consistent with a reduction volume of 18 kilos carbon dioxide (CO2), a company spokesman reports. This in turn would be consistent with the sixfold volume of CO2 which is released by the production and transport of the cartons. According to Bevco, the money shall concretely go to the Norwegian environment organisation "The Future in our Hands". This organisation wants to foster renewable energy sources in the developing nations with it.

The wine is supposed to be introduced to the market this month, already - as mentioned before - in Bag-in-Box packaging: a wine in a plastic repository, surrounded by a strong carton. Bag-in-Box packaging is popular in the nordic countries, and in Norway it is holding a market share of a considerable 42 per cent. A Bag-in-Box is the equivalent to three litres, or four bottles of wine. (awyoopress)

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