Record price for Bickel-Stumpf treasury wine

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Kapellenberg (Chapel Hill), the old vineyard in Frickenhausen is situated directly at the top of the Main triangle (photo: winery Bickel-Stumpf)

GERMANY (Eberbach monastery) - It was for the second time in 2011 that the top wineries of the Verband Deutscher Prädikats- und Qualitätsweingüter (German Association of German Predicate Wineries; VDP) from the Rheingau region invited their colleagues from Franconia to the historic buildings of the Eberbach monastery to participate when they put selected rarities from their treasuries up for auction as they do every year. In this auction, tree bottles of the 1990 silvaner trockenbeerenauslese (dry berries selection or sweet late vintage) from the Bickel-Stumpf winery, Frickenhausen, achieved a growth rate 325 percent, which is the highest growth rate of the VDP wine auction in the Rheingau region. The wine obtained a considerable price of 510 euros per bottle.

From October 25-26, 1990, about 20 seasonal harvest workers stood in the “Frickenhäuser Kapellenberg”* vineyard and separated the dry silvaner berries from the rest in order to achieve this grandiose drop. Matthias Stumpf - today successor of Reimund Stumpf in the cellar and the vineyard - remembers this time very well: “We had warm days and optimal conditions for a sweet late vintage. Our father explained us at that time how particular and rarely those conditions are which are needed to produce a wine of that kind.”

*Frickenhäuser Kapellenberg:

The Kapellenberg is situated on the top of the Main triangle. The old vineyard extends along the Main river, east of Frickenhausen village. The vineyard’s slope has a gradient of 60%, and it looks towards the south over an especially narrow part of the Main valley - its centerpiece begins directly below the St. Valentine’s Chapel (see photo). There the vines are growing on sedimentary rock of the upper shell limestone, which developed during the Triassic period.

Historic naming: Valentin Zwang, mayor of Frickenhausen, was confined to his bed due to a paralysis; he swore to make build a small chapel in case he would be healed. According to the legend, he was delivered from his suffering “in a miraculous way”. So, in 1699 the St. Valentine’s Chapel was built in the middle of the vineyards and was consecrated - thus, it lent its name to the vineyard more than 300 years ago. (red.yoopress)

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