Wine festivals invite to cozy get-together

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Wine festivals invite to cozy get-together
Neue Broschüre des DWI erschienen - (Winzerfeste 2009) und (Messen, Seminare, Veranstaltungen 2009)

GERMANY (Mainz) - The freshly printed leaflets "Wine Festivals 2009" and "Trade Fairs - Seminars - Events 2009", edited by the German Wine Institute (DWI), have been published. With immediate effect, they can be ordered by postal mail (free of charge) in Mainz, or, for the first time, via email. With 1417 events this year, the wine festival leaflet has never been so comprehensive before.


Many wine presentations and -tastings as well as wine hikings have been added in particular - often combined with an attractive social program.

Tasting and Studying: For anyone who wants to learn more about wines from Germany´s winegrowing regions, the DWI has compiled manifold and exciting suggestions on 124 pages in its leaflet "Trade Fairs - Seminars - Events 2009". They range from wine sensory seminars, new wine tastings to wine galas. The brochure is completed by a directory of significant national events and wine presentations also taking place outside the wine regions.

Quick and comprehensive - Events online: Furthermore, all information found in the leaflets can be accessed over the online- calendar of events on the DWI homepage A comfortable search function allows you to search for the date, the region and the kind of event separately and you can catch up more closely on the respective events with the help of direct links. There are also events tips described in detail on a regular basis. You can order both leaflets free of charge by sending an email to  You can also order both brochures at the DWI- shop on or you can place an order by postal mail to: Deutsches Weininstitut (German Wine Institute), POstfach 1764, 55007 Mainz. (aw.yoopress)

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