The sommelier as professional all-rounder

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The sommelier as professional all-rounder
Sommelier Union Deutschland distanziert sich von vermeintlicher Spezialisierung (Bernd Glauben)
The German Sommelier Union distances itself from supposed specialization (Bernd Glauben)

GERMANY (Coburg) - "The sommelier is a highly- qualified and optimally trained all-rounder who is entirely familiar with the topic of consumption", says Bernd Glauben. Not only the professional advice around the topic of wine matters to the president of the German Sommelier Union. "Sommeliers who can provide a certificate of the Sommelier Union Germany or an equivalent training of the IHK- sommelier school, possess an extensive knowledge about are well all beverages of the world", explains Glauben.


The knowledge of the sommelier ranges from still or sparkling table water to the exotic cocktail and from the easy distillate to the high-proof digestif. Sommeliers, who want their job description to be approved by the union or the IHK, also have to know about cigars and the corresponding beverages.

"The Sommelier Union Germany stands for a profound and far-reaching training of gastronomy experts. An one-sided specialization as tea- or coffee- sommelier is a shame. A sommelier trained by us is well versed in the consumption classics as well as in the area of wine", Glauben says. According to the president of the sommelier union, this is the reason why the term "sommelier" is totally sufficient. He goes on saying that a further diversification of the job description would only be confusing for the guest. (aw.yoopress)

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