VDP ERSTE LAGEN - brand new collectible

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VDP ERSTE LAGEN - brand new collectible
ERSTE LAGEN sind klassifizierte Parzellen einzelner Lagen, aus denen bereits Weine der ersten Stufe der VDP Klassifikationspyramide erzeugt wurden
ERSTE LAGEN are classified plots of single layers, which have already been created from wines of the first stage of the VDP classification pyramid

GERMANY (Gau-Algesheim) - There are now additional stock deliveries available for the popular Lagenordner (collection of books about wine-growing regions) of the VDP. The probably most wanted compendium of German top "Lagen" is growing: besides the first edition of the Lagen maps, the additional edition contains texts about 24 other first Lagen from 7 wine-growing regions in Germany.


Lagen maps from the following wine-growing regions are available: Middle Rhine, Nahe, Rhineland Palatinate, the Rheingau, Franconia, Rhinehessen, Ahr. The VDP price for each map is 5, 00 €. The price for the whole Lagen map set is 20, 00 (plus 4,50 € shipping cost each).

The Lagen maps are either folded in DIN AS form, suitable for the archiving in the file ERSTE LAGEN, or available in rolled form, as a poster. If the customer does not wish any specific form when ordering it, he will automatically receive the folded version.

If the whole ERSTE LAGEN file is ordered, the customer will receive all texts about the ERSTE LAGEN from all the wine-growing regions plus the latest additional edition with texts about the 24 other ERSTEN LAGEN and the latest Lagen maps for 25,- € (plus 4,50 € shipping cost).

All those who have already ordered the collection are registered and will receive the additional edition automatically and for free. Those interested may send their orders to or  by telephone  06725-308615. The order form can be downloaded here. To be redirected to the PDF download please click here. (aw.yoopress)

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