New AWMB marketing campaign: Flag substitutes wine bottle as strong indication of origin in the logo
Rudi Reisner, Agentur Wirtz und Willi Klinger, ÖWM, präsentieren die neue Werbelinie
Rudi Reisner, Wirtz ad agency and Willi Klinger, AWMB, present the new marketing campaign

AUSTRIA (Vienna) - After more than 20 years of successful marketing, the Austrian Wine Marketing Board (German: Österreichische Weinmarketinggesellschaft ÖWM) is planning the most profound alteration in its marketing presence since its foundation. The integration of the Austrian flag into the logo is intended to enhance the origin of quality. The message "Precious Culture" remains an important issue. Motifs dealing with the topic of wine and food stress the diversity of Austrian wine.


AWMB- presence is modernized and updated

Austrian wine has experienced a rapid development in the past decade. The new presence of the AWMB also pays tribute to this dynamic. The logo design has been reduced to the basics, appears more confident, and becomes more concise due to the separation from the claim "Precious Culture". The new logo thus takes over a stronger function as an umbrella brand without pushing itself to the fore

Flag visualized as seal of quality and origin

According to the new EU right, which will become effective in the summer 2009, producers of lower-quality wines without specific certificate of origin (table wines until now) will also be allowed to include information about grape variety and vintage on the label. Only German country and quality wines, which are subject to stricter guidelines, have until now been allowed to bear this designation. "Thus, for us it is even more important that our new marketing campaign places even more emphasis on the quality and the origin," explains Willi Klinger, president of the AWMB. "Furthermore, including the flag in our logo presented the most logical and the simplest recognizable symbol for high-quality Austrian wine both nationally and internationally." Rudi Reisner, managing director of the Wirz ad agency which had created the new design, also confirmed this: "The elevated flag in the logo appears like a 'trademark' and gives the logo that extra something.

"Precious Culture" is retained; new focus lays on fine food

The ingenious term "Precious Culture" will be retained as claim and is expressed by the simple invitation "Taste Culture". The motifs selected for the new marketing campaign also pay tribute to this head note by including cultural symbols such as piano keys, violins, and also modern art and architecture. The focus on wine and food is intensified in particular. "The new fine food motifs stress the aspect of pleasure and promote a responsible attitude towards the cultural assets wine," stresses Willi Klinger. "Thus we can place special emphasis on our own culinary identity with traditional dishes such as Schnitzel and Tafelspitz. With creative and exotic food motifs we also point out that Austrian wines also work well with international cuisine.

Furthermore, the landscape motifs are also retained for advertising the various winegrowing areas

SALON, G´Spritzter, and advertising media have a new corporate design too

Apart from the classical AWMB marketing campaign, other AWMB projects will gradually be renewed as well. The "SALON Österreich Wein" will be presented in a new design as from June, the new G'Spritzten motif will be released at 1.000 poster sites as from June 1st and the online travel guide has already been online with a new marketing campaign since the beginning of April. Absolutely exciting though: - the first wine travel guide on the cell phone! The reconstruction of the new "Österreich Wein" website has already been in full swing, but will only be completed in a couple of months due to the size.

In future, the popular advertising media will available in two designs: the "tradition" in classical AWMB-green and "style" in trendy black. (aw.yoopress)

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