Saffredi: 20 years Supertuscan by Fattoria Le Pupille



Saffredi: 20 years Supertuscan by Fattoria Le Pupille
Elisabetta Geppetti hat ihren Saffredi zu internationalen Erfolgen geführt und darauf ist sie sichtlich stolz
Elisabetta Geppeti made her Saffredi an international success and she is visibly proud of that

ITALY (Magliano) - When Elisabetta Geppetti created her first Saffredi in the 80s, she was trying to follow in the steps of the big Bordeaux wines. Now, the Saffredi is celebrating its 20th anniversary with its 2006 vintage. For this occasion, the wine is wearing a very special label, which "looks very much like a festive evening dress of a woman",says the vintager.


"After all, you can compare the life of the Saffredi very well with that of a woman, who is going through a very long development within the first 20 years. The wine has grown and ripened like a human being", Elisabetta Geppetti adds. "I can still remember how my wine used to astonish critics and doubtful folks", she says. "Today it is one of the top wines in Italy that are internationally accepted; something I have achieved with a lot of stubbornness and self-assertion and of which I am very proud", the winemaker emphasizes.

The Saffredi, an IGT Maremma Toscana, was one of the first Supertuscans that were introduced in the 80s. Its winery is located near Magliano, a village that is more than typical for the Maremma. There, it grows in altitudes of 280 meters on a 4-hectar-large vineyard that is only 12 kilometers away from the sea.

Its quality and character, which put it on the top of all Italian wines, is not only due to its unique terroir and its intensive care by the team of the Fattoria LE Pupille; the technical advice of very well-known oenologists has also contributed to its impressive development. "We planted the first Cabernet Sauvignon with the Giacomo Tachis in 1984", remembers Elisabetta Geppetti. After Giacomo Tachis, Ricarrdo Cotarella took over the consultation, who was followed by Christian Le Sommer in 2000 and who still currently works for the winery.

The Saffredi 2006, a very balanced vintage by the way, will be launched on the market in October 2009 with 23.000 bottles. (aw.yoopress)

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