MONTEVERRO: From the Tuscony coast to the Dolomites

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In a special enclave outside the usual wine trails Georg Weber meet his wine dreams (photo: Monteverro)

ITALY (Margreid) - Since 12 years ago, the „Summa“ is the annual meeting of the top vintners who are meeting at the VinItaly in the historical Hirschprunn estate in Margreid, hosted by Alois Lageder, in order to present their wines. This year’s topic of the event is “Italy’s best vintners”, the Monteverro winery being an example that quality has not necessarily to do with tradition.

In 2003, Georg Weber founded the still young Monteverro winery motivated by passion and by the terroir. To realize his dream, he chose a particular enclave outside the usual wine paths: Capalbio, an almost virgin area for big red wines. Here, he found a really extraordinary terroir, and due to the special interaction between the climate, the soils and the capability to viticulture, he decided to take up the challenge and bring a new “wine dream” to life in a vineyard of just a few hectares (planted with vines and well-kept).

So far, four IGT wines are being produced.

The 2009 Monteverro wine, the top wine of the estate, made out of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Petit Verdot, is a complex, elegant drop with a long-lasting finish.

  • The WEINWELT magazine wrote about the 2008 wine: “The most important wine and the flagship of the winery is the Monteverro. It sounds almost incredible, but as early as with the first vintage, a really lucky strike. Despite its assemblage as classic Bordelais cuvee out of Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Petit Verdot, the Mon-teverro is proudly bearing its Tuscany roots within itself and delights with a wonderful nose and a sensational mouth feeling. There is not a great deal of Tuscany red wines of this format!”

The 2009 Terra di Monteverro, the second wine, convinces with its open nature.

  • The WEINSPECTATOR magazine wrote about the 2008 wine: „This wine is ripe and voluptuous, full of blackberries, black currents, liquorice, with salty as well as sweet elements. It is difficult to withdraw oneself from this red attractivity and to deny one’s satisfaction when drinking the wine.”

The 2009 Tinata - out of Syrah and Grenache - is presenting itself with fascinatingly deep aromas.

  • The Decanter magazine writes about the 2008 vintage: “This wine is presenting itself in a compact manner with bloomy and spicy, downright southern Rhône character in the nose. On the palate, it is dense; despite its strong tannine note it shows fresh-ness that balances the alcohol. A captivating, an outright monster of a wine that is solidly worked.”

The pure, juicy 2009 Chardonnay, powerfully vinified in barriques grew on the small-est vineyard of the estate (0.8 hectares).

  • Peter Moser from the FALSTAFF magazine writes about the 2008 wine: “Lightning yellow with golden reflections. Ripe fruit, yellow apple, slight pear nuances and some baby banana, fine roasted new wood note, some caramel. Juicy, powerful texture, opulent, extract sweet style, well integrated tannins, fine acid structure, with a deli-cate note of grapefruit zest in the finish, peppery mineral reverberation, remains very long on the tongue, pleasant woody spice in the finish. A full-bodied accompaniment to meals.”

Georg Weber will exclusively give the debut of his second vintage on March 25th and 26th at the “SUMMA 12” wine fair in Margreid at “Alois Lageder & Friends”. (red.yoopress)

Read more about Georg Weber and about the Monteverro winery: - and about SUMMA:

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