Alexander Laible best junior vintager in Europe

Tuesday, 28. April 2009 | 09:48 Uhr | A.WIRTZFELD | AWARDS
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Alexander Laible wants to look his customers in the eye and see how happy they are when they enjoy his wines

GERMANY (Stuttgart) - On the occasion of the ARTVINUM Baden-Wuerttemberg in Stuttgart, Alexander Laible was named best junior vintager in Europe. Thus, he is following in the foot steeps of the French Stéphane Derenoncourt and the Spaniard Alvaro Palacios, who had received this award in the two previous years.

The Grand Jury Europèen, of which among others wine celebrities like Joel Payne, Markus Del Monego, Francois Mauss as President and Otto Geisel are members, and which is responsible for the award, nominated Alexander Laible as "Best Germany Wine Producer" and thus as "junior vintager of the year" due to his exceptional success with his very first own vintage collection.

The message that was sent to the already awarded best junior German vintager 2007 and discovery of the year 2009 (Gault Millau) Alexander Laible was sent to him mundanely by email and in English. "I cannot put in words how happy I was when I read the message", says Alexander Laible.

According to Laible, his parents cradled his "feeling of humbleness for the vine and the wine". He wants to look into his customers eyes and see how happy they are "when they drink his wine". He particularly does that at the "Wine and Dine" together with countless top chefs. "He reveals: "I have a very intimate and important relationship with caterers."

The secret of his successful wines lies in the sensitivity with which the vines are treated outside, also in the refinement of the grapes from the day of the gathering up to the bottling process. "I make sure that I have a relationship with my wines".

The Durbach-born junior vintager has many more plans for his future. He is currently restoring his winery (, which he founded very boldly and which he administers with the help of many friends and family. Then, he would like to renovate the mill that they also own, in order to also host wine tastings and very sophisticated "Wine and Dine"-events. (aw.yoopress)

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