German Red Wine Prize 2010: Württemberg, Rheinhessen Palatinate among the winners

Monday, 15. November 2010 | 07:40 Uhr | R.KNOLL | COMPETITIONS
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24th Time held VINUM the German red wine price

GERMANY (Ludwigsburg) - The results of the German Red Wine Prize 2010, organized by the European Wine Magazine VINUM, are final.  An expert jury selected the 20 best wines in eight different categories in a 4-step-tasting from about 1400 participating wines. 18 winemakers will be honored in Ludwigsburg on Saturday, November 20. Besides very well known names that have been part of the competition many times, some less well-known winemakers were able to make it to the top.

Among them, the young Palatinate Jürgen Krebs (25) from Freinsheim, who surprisingly triumphed in the category "Königsklasse“ Late Vintage with a 2007 Freinsheimer Musikatenbuckel. Three wineries followed in this category with similar wines: the Staatsweingut Weinsberg (Württemberg), Winery Burggarten of the Schäfer-family from Heppingen (Ahr) as well as Axel Neiss from Kindenheim (Palatinate).

There were a lot of Cuvées, which, by the way, is right after Pinot Noir in the second-strongest category. Here, the Winery Fürst zu Hohenlohe-Oehringen (Württemberg) was ahead with a 2008 "Ex flammis orior", followed by the „Mönch Berthold“ of the Weinmanufaktur Untertürkheim (Württemberg) as well as the 2008 „Das Kreuz“ of the brothers Andreas and Steffen Rings from Freinsheim (Palatinate). In terms of Lemberger, Wuerttemberg was at the top almost alone with its 2008 vintage, since this type is rarely grown anywhere else. Winner was the Winery Graf Neipperg from Fürst Hohenlohe-Oehringen, one of the two wineries that were ahead twice.

The award ceremony and gala with the German Red Wine Award 2010 is a public ceremony on 20 November 2010 (Photo: DWI)

In the category German classics, the winner was a 2007 St. Laurent from Hedesheimer Hof in Stadecken-Elsheim (Rhinehesse), followed by another St. Laurent 2007 from Philipp Kuhn in Laumersheim (Palatinate) and a 2007 Clevner (Pinot) from the Weinsberger Staatsweingut, the latter being able to celebrate another second place.

There was a surprise among the international classics. The winner was neither a Cabernet Sauvignon nor a Merlot or Syrah, although these types are no longer unimportant in Germany. The proud winner was Markus Johannes Keller from Worms-Pfiffligheim (Rhinehesse) with his traditional South Tirol Lagrein, which he has been growing since 2000 in an experiment and which experienced a qualitative high in 2007.

 Thus, he was ahead of a 2007 Syrah of the Winery Stachel in Maikammer (Palatinate). Even the new varieties showed winners from Rhinehesse, namely the brothers Peter and Fritz May from the Winery Karl May in Osthofen. Their 2007 Dornfelder contained the 2008 Zweigelt from the Winery Karl Haidle in Kernen-Stetten  (Württemberg).

Vinum also appreciates underestimated types like Portuguese, Trollinger and Pinot Meunier and thus awarded various vintagers accordingly. The so-called Weingärtner-Zentralgenossenschaft (WZG - Vintner-Central Corporation) in the Wuerttemberg Möglingen was awarded for a special Portuguese project with production cuts and special growing processes. This 2009 vintage was ahead of a Trollinger by Rainer Schnaitmann in Fellbach (Wuerttemberg) of the same year.

It is amazing how many doux wines took part. This year's winner was Eckehart Gröhl from Weinolsheim (Rhinehesse) with a 2010 Blanc de Noirs Eiswein 2009, harvested in early 2010. It was followed by an unusually dark 2009 Trockenbeerenauslese (Cabernet Mitos) from the Vintner's Association Britzingen, which thus proudly waved the Baden flag. (r.knoll)

The winner will be announced at a late Red Wine Event in Ludwigsburg on November 20, 2010: For the past few years, Vinum has awarded winners with the "Roter Riese"-Prize for particularly good total results. This event will feature the best German red wine chefs (Adler, Asperg). Tickets can be purchased for 148 Euro at Vinum, tel.  07531 132 823,, Furthermore, the 18 producers will present their top wines and other creations from their portfolio in the afternoon between  1:30PM and 5:30PM in Ludwigsburg. Tickets can be purchased at the box office (20 Euro).

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