Rhône 2010: One of the best vintages within the past 40 years

Thursday, 05. April 2012 | 07:34 Uhr | RED.YOOPRESS | WINE GROWING DISTRICTS
Reference: DECANTER | Translator: E.RENZIEHAUSEN
Vineyards in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, part of the southern Rhone (Photo: Jarrod Doll / Wikipedia)

FRANCE (Lyon) - From the point of view of John Livingstone-Learmonth, journalist at the Decanter magazine and wine critics, the 2010 vintage from the Rhône region can be counted among the three best vintages within the past 40 years. In the latest issue of the magazine, Mr. Livingstone-Learmonth praises in particular the northern part of the Rhône region. “Besides the 1978 and the 1990, the 2010 vintage is one of the best that have been produced in this region since the 1970.”

The vintage wins in several respects, Mr. Livingstone-Learmonth states. The improved vinification was in perfect harmony with the lucky ripening of the 2010 grapes. “The wines are ripe, show slight tannins and have depth and fruit. All this is so even and harmonic as is hadn’t been for years”, Mr. Livingstone-Learmonths says.

Mr. Livingstone-Learmonth praises the regions up and down the country - from the Côtes du Rhône and Côtes du Rhône Villages up to Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Gigondas. “Whereas the Grenache wine suffered during the cool 2010 June, Syrah, Cargnan and Mouvrèdre achieved to offset the low temperatures by their quality – even the Cinsault were super”, the critics writes. And Emmanuel Reynaud from the Château Rayas is being quoted in the article: “The Cinsault were rich, a masterpiece.” (red.yoopress)

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