Carapelli scandal: Journalist Andreas März acquitted

Tuesday, 18. August 2009 | 05:24 Uhr | R.KNOLL | WINE COUNTRIES
Translator: E.MEISSNER
Andreas März can be relieved. The lawsuit of the Carapelli oil group is not only off the cards; the court also attested Merum´s editor in chief absolute journalistic accuracy

ITALY (Lamporecchio) - Andreas März, editor in chief of the German wine magazine Merum, which exclusively reports about Italia, could breathe a sigh of relief. He was sued by the Carapelli oil group because of damaging their reputation, after publishing several critical, but also profound analyses about the composition of Italian olive oils (we reported). In doing so, März only published findings of different institutions, which had proved the poor quality of Carapelli and also other oils. He also reported on false labels.

The lawsuit has become a non-starter for the company that is located in Firenze. At the trial, the district attorney actually demanded a monetary penalty and a custodial sentence (six months without probation), but the court not only acquitted März, it also attested him absolute journalistic accuracy. (r.knoll)

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