Rathfinny Estate to become "greenest winery in the world"

Monday, 08. October 2012 | 08:39 Uhr | RED.YOOPRESS | WINE PRODUCERS
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Rathfinny Estate – nestled in the hillside of southern England (Photo: Rathfinny Estate)

UK (Alfriston) – Construction has begun for Winery Rathfinny Estate in the English South Downs (hillside in southern England that belongs to East Sussex). Rathfinny is to become the largest and most enviornmentally friendly winery in England, at least that is what owner Mark Driver is aiming at. He even gave up his career as a hedge-fund manager to make this dream come true.

The first 20 hectares were cultivated with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Riesling in March 2010. A wine expert would think that Rathfinny is planning to foucs on the production of bubbly wines. Mark Driver has a total of 240 hectares available for his production, which should be more than enough to start off with and he should hardly have to purchase any more land for a while.

This 10-million-pound project (a little more than 16 million Euro) should offer the first sparkling wines in 2016 - the first still wines should be available in 2014 already. At the end of the first decade, an annual production of one million bottles of sparkling wines should be accumulated.

In order to meet Drivers "green" standards, sustainable methods as well as low-carbon technoligies will be used. Photovoltaics for the use of sun energy are just as natural for this business as planted roofs in order to provide shade and protect from the heat, which in turn reduces the necessity for air conditioning. A water source was luckily found adjacent to the winery. Sewers will be treated and once cleaned will be reused as water.

However, Mark Driver also thought about the fauna. "We are planning to install wild animal corridors in order to promote the biological variety in our region, which we will achieve by creating a balance between vineyards and natural surroundings", he explains. "I'm sure that we will be able to find the right balance between modern technology and high wine quality in the end. We have made a plan for the best methods to be used. After all, our ambitious goal is to become the most environmentally friendly winery in the world."

Rupert Seldon, Driver's partner and project manager of the construction company Buro Four, located in London, says: "Rathfinny is a unique viticulture project with an unprecedented standard for sustainable wine productioin." (red.yoopress)

Find out more here: www.rathfinnyestate.com

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