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Thursday, 03. March 2011 | 08:07 Uhr | RED.YOOPRESS | WINE PRODUCERS
Reference: HAVEL+PETZ | Translator: C.SIEGEL
Hans Oliver Spain, stone wine producer's with passion (Photo: Carolin Spanier-Gillot winery & HO Spaniards GbR)

GERMANY ( Wonnegau) - A total of 32 wineries have applied to become a member and sent in their wines. The wines made by BattenfeldSpanier from the Rhinehesse Wonnegau have not only met  but exceeded the expectations of Nicolas Jolys and his fellow jury members. Besides seven other vintners, the Rhinehesse winemaker is now member of the "La Renaissance des Appellations". This is an association that impresses with its committment to terroir more than you can ever possibly imagine.

His wines are uncompromising and a result of stubborn and dedicated work in the vineyard and wine cellar. Hans Oliver Spanier, cellar master and winemaker has been making wines for 20 years with the highest sense of committment and transformation of the area's terroir. Thus, the so-called "passionate stone wine producer" transfers the grounds of the southern blissful area made of chalk grounds in his wines and makes them tasteful. Including the light process in his work lead him to biodynamics. "Liquid Earth" and "Liquid Sky". In order to benefit the stone, he does without the "shining fruit" and instead takes  polarizing corners and edges of his wines into consideration and thus positions himself within the leading group of German winemakers.

Nicolas Joly, winemaker of the well-renowned winery  Coulée de Serrant along the Loire, already knew in 1980 that only biologically-dynamic work would be the basis for really important  and unique wines. Today his wines count as one of the best in whole France, his association "La Renaissance des Appellations" is the most renowned platform for biodynamic wineries in France. Only those winemakers are accepted to the club if Joly can actually find "life" in the wines. He wants them to have a soul, like those of H. O. Spanier, BattenfeldSpanier. (red.yoopress)

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