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Grand C stands for varietal character, lively, fresh, fruity Cremant (Photo:

FRANCE (Colmar) - It is time for a European cooperation: Two bubbly wine specialists have put their ideas together in the pretty Alsace and come up with a grand Crémants. Axel Wulfken, former Marketing Director at Moët-Hennessy, and Jacques Cattin, renowned Alsace winemaker and President of the Crémant-Verbandes, have developed Grand C - a very trendy concept with high-quality products.

The finely beaded Crémants, are made and fermented in bottles, just like Champagne. Their puristic design makes them a very nice gift idea that not too many people know about. The makers of Grand C are working on improving their international image and developing an Alsace Crémant-brand that will make the difference for which continuity and reliable quality will be the focus. Also, it will be very important to get the right price wine performance ratio. According to initiator Axel Wulfken, his goal is to make particularly Germans understand what's so great about Crémant d’Alsace.

On the one hand it seems very surprising that a champagne expert would end up in Alsace with his vision of a grand Crémant, however, this does make sense if you think about it. Granted, the AOC Crémant d’Alsace is pretty young with hits 35 years old, but they have been producing first class bubbly wines much longer than that. The Alsace is one of the oldest wine-growing regions in France and thanks to its mild, sunny climate and versatile terroir, it is perfect for producing high-quality Crémants.

One domaine in particular proves this very well: Family winery Joseph Cattin, a 50 hectare-large domaine in Colmar: shell limestone, granite, clay and mud grounds and the protected vineyard in lower Vogesen bring very character-rich wines. Axel Wulfken has found the perfect partner in Jacques Cattin, who is happy to present to the world a first-class champagne alternative with Grand C.

Grand C - The concept

Grand C is a German-French cooperation that produces typical Cremants from hand-picked grapes in traditional bottle fermentation. Expressive ground basic wines are used in producing the Cuvées Grand C Brut and Grand C Brut Rosé and they are stored in bottles for 24 months to ripen. Both Grand C-C-Cuvées received a gold medal at the Concours National des Crémants in Bordeaux, which definitely shows that this was an excellent idea all along.

The Grand C Brut is a balanced Crémant of Pinot Blanc, which is a ray of sunshine in the glass and which has a very distinct pearl design. Its scent reminds of lime blossoms and offers a fresh taste with a little bit of lemon and pears. The subtle pink Grand C Brut Rosé is made of Pinot Noir and it smells like red berries. This bubbly and juicy Crémant is a perfect match for fish, pasta or chicken dinners. The price range of these wines varies between 16 and 19 euro. (red.yoopress)

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