Château Margaux presents organic wines with screw cap

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The Pavillon Rouge, second wine of Château Margaux, is to have a screw cap in the future (photo: Château Margaux)

FRANCE (Bordeaux) - The trend to biologically dynamic wines has now captured the renowned estates in Bordeaux, too. Due to latest research and in view of a positive image, combined with the consumers’ interest, now the Château Margaux, a Premier Cru estate, presented its first organic wine - with a screw cap.

During a presentation of alternatively cultivated wines, Paul Pontallier, CEO at the Château Margaux, explained the future direction: “It has not remained hidden to us that biologically dynamic viticulture is internationally higher estimated by traders as well as by consumers than conventional viticulture. After years of experimenting, we will orientate towards ecologic viticulture in the future. It will take some years until ecologic wines will be accepted but other Bordeaux-based estates, too, will set this course.”

In parallel to its ecological orientation, Château Margaux is as well experimenting with alternative caps. This is particularly important for the second wine of the Pavillon Rouge, a Premier Cru estate, which is to be closed with screw cap in the future. “Like other producers, we have problems with natural cork from time to time. Synthetic corks are out of question for us. Studies about that have shown unacceptable results. In tests with screw caps, however, we have had good experiences.”

So, the Château Margaux estate closed a series of red wines from the 2003 vintage partially with permeable screw cap, partially with impermeable screw cap, sealed and introduced at the wine presentation. The taster unambiguously preferred the wines with impermeable screw cap. “This is as well in agreement with our own tests in the winery”, Mr. Pontallier commented the result of the tasting, not surprised at all.

The same test with Margaux white wines from the 2004 vintage yielded a less unambiguous result. Here, the tasters as well as Mr. Pontallier preferred the wines with natural cork. “It is really difficult to draw the right conclusions”, Mr. Pontallier summarizes. But when we’ll see the screw cap to continue yielding good results, there are no more obstacles to a change of certain wine categories from our premises.” (red.yoopress)

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Erstweine von Château Margaux werden weiterhin ausschließlich mit Naturkork verschlossen (Foto: Château Margaux)

Der Pavillon Rouge, Zweitwein von Château Margaux, soll zukünftig einen Schraubverschluss erhalten (Foto: Château Margaux)

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