Crucial vote - new wine president in Franconia

Sunday, 14. February 2010 | 08:36 Uhr | R.KNOLL | WINE COMPANIES
Translator: C.SIEGEL
Former and current president of the Franconian viniculture association (left: Andreas Oestemer, right Artur Steinmann) - Oskar Noppenberger was left with nothing

GERMANY (Würzburg) - Actually, Oskar Noppenberger, long-time director of the successful vintagers association Divino in Nordheim, was perfectly sure that after his retirement from the cooperative in beforehand retirement he would become president of the Franconian viniculture association. However, since winery owner Artur Steinmann from Sommerhausen also decided to run for president, there turned out to be a "crucial vote". Here, the vintager that had a lot of success with his union "Frank & Frei", won with an absolute majority.

Thus, Steinmann became successor of the 12-year-long serving Andreas Ostemer, who was pushed through with a corporate majority in 1997 very much against the will of the vintagers association. The consortiums still have a majority in terms of the voting right in Franconia, which is why the vote results are surprising. However, the mood in the Franconian land has changed.

Only a few years ago, the consortia for vintagers were rather an enemy image, particularly the often unluckily engaged local vintagers association. However, this association managed an ambient turn after a change in the management. Now, both wine parties get along really well. (r.knoll / translator c.siegel)

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