China replaces Germany as top importer of Bordeaux Wine

Saturday, 01. October 2011 | 08:58 Uhr | RED.YOOPRESS | WINE TRADE
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From 120,000 hectares in Bordeaux, the local manufacturers produce around 5 to 6 million hectoliters per year, representing about 20 percent of the wine products of all AOC regions.

FRANCE (Paris) - Experts and connoisseurs of the international wine scene predicted it a long time ago: A considerable increase in amount and value of Bordeaux wines being exported to China. Recent forecasts were based on the "Bordeaux Tomorrow Plan", which was developed in 2008 and meant for 5 to 8 years with the goal, to not only strengthen but also increase exports to the far east, particularly China.

It's official. China replaced Germany as the top importer of French Bordeaux wine. According to the Bordeaux-umbrella organization CIVB, the Asian country imported 314.000 hectar liters of wine from Bordeaux with a value of 231 million euro in the period of July 2010 to June 2011. "This means an increase in quantity of a proud 85 percent", said a CIVC spokesperson during a press conference in Paris.

Ten percent of all wine exports from the popular wine-growing region in Southwestern France went to China - this does not even include the special administrative region of Hong Kong, which does not charge customs on wine. All in all, this year has been a very successful one for Bordeaux exports, which had to suffer tremendously from the financial crunch in 2008: all exports rose by 23 percent and by 34 percent in value.

"China is a country with a rich culture and history and we hope that our new strategic partnerships will help learn more about Chinese wine consumers as well as their tradition and innovation of Bordeaux wines", commented Thomas Jullien, Asia-Director at CIVB. (red.yoopress)

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