Big wines of the Rems Valley

Thursday, 10. April 2008 | 17:06 Uhr | RED.YOOPRESS | LITERATURE
Big wines of the Rems Valley von Andreas Braun und Otto Geisel

GERMANY (Wuerttemberg) - Many a man refers to the valley as "God's Garden", because it is geologically and climatically tailor-made for viticulture. It is the Rems Valley at the gates of  Stuttgart that is meant.

Andreas Braun and Otto Geisel are presenting the best vintagers in their book "Große Weine des Remstals" ("Big Wines of the Rems Valley"), among them Gerd Aldinger and Jürgen Ellwanger, Hans and Wolfgang Haidle, Friedrich Zimmerle and seven more regional top vintagers.

However, the authors not only devote themselves to the renowned self-marketers, but with reason also present wines of the cooperatives which are so important in Wuerttemberg and that already attracted positive attention of  such reputable critics as Diel, Eichelmann and Pigott. Among them the Fellbacher Weingärtner and the Remstalkellerei.

Along with the selected wines, the high-end regional cooks that are closely linked to the vintagers recommend special dishes which they are dedicating to the wines as well as to the vine-growers.

All in all, the book is a delightful invitation to a visit of the Rems Valley and its vintagers and a guide for culinary wine comforts. The hardcover edition is available in specialist shops and on internet on amazon. Price: 24.90 € (red.yoopress)

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