Fifty white wines you should know

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Wolfgang Staudt - Expert knowledge and passion for wine without much embellishment

GERMANY (Frankfurt) - Straightforward as usual, Wolfgang Staudt´s book rather glares through modest presentation, but with succinct descriptions, and thus stands out from some preciously trimmed scene-guides in the field of wine. With 50 brief profiles, the author offers white wine styles which are interesting for him. The book is written in a language also comprehensible for beginners, and offers new considerations which still surprise connoisseurs as well.

In the foreground of the portraits clearly are the sensory profiles of the discussed wines, how they appear to the observer, which bouquet they offer and which fullness they can develop in regards to flavor. Staudt impressionably elucidates the impacts of the climate and the soil (Terroir), as well as the vineyard maintenance and the cellar technique. In addition, recommendations in regard of the use and a price comparison list of the wines are not missing.

Staudt's profound experiences in regard of the presentation of the wines, trainings and wine culinary events are incorporated in the book and give the reader a lot of ideas and clues so that a wine tasting can be arranged on his/her own and to prepare a calculated wine experience for him/herself and friends.

Dr. Wolfgang Staudt is an assistant professor and wine expert owning the worldwide esteemed "Diploma in Wine and Spirits". Since 1995, he is working as an independent organizer of seminars, trainings and wine events ( since 1995. He is writing for various magazines and daily newspapers. The books "50 einfache Dinge, die Sie über den Wein wissen sollten" ("50 easy things you should know about wine") and "Fünfzig Rotweine, die Sie kennen sollten" ("Fifty red wines you should know") have already been published by the publishing company Westend. Hence, the new book "Fünfzig Weißweine, die Sie kennen sollten" ("Fifty white wines you should know") is the consequent continuation of the notable book series by Wolfgang Staudt. (aw.yoopress)

Publishing company Westend, Frankfurt 2002, 240 pages, hardcover - ISBN: 3938060166 - €19,90

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