Old and new Mosel, one for both – Part I: Are you up for a Schimbock wine?
Trabener Würzgarten - die Geburtsstätte des Schimbock (Foto: Vollenweider)
Trabener Würzgarten – The birth place of the Schimbock (Image: Vollenweider)

GERMANY (Traben-Trarbach) - Are you up for a Schimbock wine? Hopefully, because Schimbock means pure flavors of slate. Produced by a gifted winemaker. And of course, it comes from the Mosel River, from where else? I could not get up, says the Captain. Mosel, Mosel, Mosel. It is not an issue of horizon, but my own free choice. I lean far out of the window, but Riesling in all its facets, from light and elegant to powerful and dry, you can only find here. At the Mosel River. Prove to me the opposite!


And that is why I am talking about a wine produced by Daniel Vollenweider, a Swiss in Germany, who became a winemaker because he fell in love with the variety and finesse of the vines at the Mosel, Saar and Ruwer rivers, today. Since the 2000 vintage, Vollenweider produces a very special style of Riesling in the Wolfer Goldgrube. From the beginning, his wines focused on precision and perfect selection. On optimal maturity and large storage capacity.

But if that is not enough, Vollenweider began something completely new with the 2005 vintage; he began to vinify a Riesling in the traditional way. Like his colleague and friend Martin Müllen. He uses a basket press, minimal pressure, natural must sedimentation and fermentation with the natural yeast flora. The exact opposite of his previous style, which was guided more by modern technology and by cellar knowledge. (felix.eschenauer - cptn.cork)

... and here you can read Part II:

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