Young winemakers present wines of tomorrow

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Young winemakers present wines of tomorrow
"Junge Winzer - Junge Weine" sind eine erfolgreiche die Weiterentwicklung der Rivaner-Initiative des Landes Rheinland-Pfalz aus dem Jahre 2004.
"Young wine - Young wines are" a successful further development of the Rivaner initiative of Rhineland-Palatinate in the year 2004.

Young winemakers – young wines is the successful enhancement of the 2004 Rivaner- initiative launched by the federal state of Rhineland- PalatinateGERMANY (Berlin) - "Here in Berlin, young winemakers from all wine-growing areas in the country are giving a foretaste of tomorrow´s wines," said Hendrik Hering, minister of viticulture in Rhineland- Palatinate, at the opening of the event "young winemakers - young wines" at the club "40 seconds" in Berlin.


The German wine queen Marlies Dumbsky and the minister have welcomed around 40 guests from the fields of politics, economy and culture to this first wine marketing event of the federal state in 2009 taking place on the verge of the International Green Week. Young successful winemakers from the associations "Vinovation" (Worms, Rhine- Hesse), "Quintessenz" (Niederkirchen, Palatinate), "Jugendstil" and "Weine junger Süden" (both from the Mosel- region), "Nahe 7"(Nahe), "Absolut Wein" (Ahr) as well as three young winemakers of the Mittelrhein- region have presented 36 wines and sparkling wines of the 2006, 2007 and 2008 vintages and which are especially innovative as a product or in the presentation.

The feedback to this presentation, offered for the first time, has been overwhelming: With over 1000 registrations, the ministry and its partner in Berlin - the 1879 established Association of Berlin Merchants and Manufacturers - will offer a second event in spring enabling all guests to get to know the growths with corresponding food.

"Young winemakers - young wines" is the enhancement of the 2004 Rivaner- initiative launched by the federal state. In the meantime, not only young, fresh wines of the grape variety Rivaner are already being presented in the harvest year to catch the attention of a broader public. The attention is now stronger being turned to the winemakers and their ideas. "We want to support young winemakers in their delight for experiment because, in a truly exceptional manner, they represent innovation and progress which we will need for our success on the markets of tomorrow," emphasised minister Hering. (aw.yoopress)

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