VINUM Red Wine Gala in Fellbach: German Elite Participated – Jürgen Off Won „Red Giant“
In the run-up to the evening gala and the award ceremony in the Alte Kelter in Fellbach, there were exciting wine tastings including the winning wines. (@ Vinum)

GERMANY (Fellbach) – For 26 German red wine producers, October 29 was a special day because they were asked to enter the stage during the award ceremony of the 30th German Red Wine Award, which took place in the Fellbach “Alte Kelter”, and were awarded for their excellent wines. The most successful winemakers came from different growing areas. The Palatinate was represented by nine vintners, followed by Württemberg with seven producers and Baden with four producers as well as Rheinhessen and the Ahr region with three producers each. The award ceremony took place as part of a solemn gala for which Philipp Kovacs, chef of the Fellbach “Goldberg” star restaurants, supported by the Rauschenberger Catering company, prepared a meal for over 300 guests.


The highlight of the evening was the “Rote Riese” (red giant) award given to Jürgen Off, master cellarer of the Untertürkheim Weinmanufaktur (wine manufacture). The enologist, who has been responsible for vinification within the ambitious cooperative for just under 30 years, won this award – like some of his predecessors – as an acknowledgement for first class collections he has produced over many years. IN 2016, he won the Lemberger category. For Off and the Weinmanufaktur, this was the fifth award during this competition. The trophies were handed out by Andreas Braun, boss of Tourismus Marketing Baden Württemberg, and Rudolf Knoll, the inventor of the German Red Wine Award. Jürgen Off compared the surprise to an unexpected Bambi Award.

The German Red Wine Award is a project of the European VINUM wine magazine. The starting signal came in 1987, when Pinot noir and others played only minor walk-ons. Since, the competition has made an important contribution to the positive development of German red wine, which extended its growing area from about 15 to about 35 percent and today is pretty impressive at international level. The competition is preliminarily characterized by the quality of the participants: There, many producers participate which are counted among the absolute elite in Germany. The more important is it for the vintners to reach the first ranks.

The number of wines submitted amounted to over 1,300. After a thorough pre-selectin with a two-step tasting, 400 wines reached the final. This tasting took place at the Weil Riesling wine estate, Kiedrich, Rheingau – which has nothing to do with red wine at all. There, the 16 jurors – among them being experienced professionals (like Prof. Dr. Monika Christmann from Geisenheim, president of the OIV international enologists’ association – tasted the wines for a third time. The best wines of eight different categories (Pinot Noir // Lemberger // Classic German Varieties // International Varieties // Cuvées // New Varieties // Underestimated Varieties // Sweet) were tasted again during a runoff, before the winner and the wines reaching the second and the third rank were identified.

Before the award ceremony, all 26 producers presented their winning wines as well as other growths from their current portfolio in an open tasting, which also took place in the Alte Kelter. There, over 500 visitors were counted. During the evening, moderator Nicole Then was able to welcome Lena Endesfelder, the new German Wine Queen, from the Moselle region, and Christoph Palm, mayor of Fellbach, who likes wine, and who had his last public appointment during this “home match”. Palm will soon start working for a foundation and ensured Gabriele Zull, his successor, was interested in wine, too. EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger, who was prevented due to a trip to Athens, was cut in with a video message during which he thanked the VINUM magazine and editor Rudolf Knoll for the long-standing commitment for German red wine. (red.yoopress)

(v.l.n.r.) Gewinner der Kategorien Spätburgunder, Cuvées, Internationale Klassiker und Lemberger. (© VINUM)
(f.l.t.r.) Winner of categories Pinot Noir, Cuvées, International Classics and Lemberger. (© VINUM)
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Two winners 2013 Pinot Noir Réserve Pfalz – Weingut Bernhard Koch, Hainfeld
  2014 Meersburg Mocken „3 Lilien“ Baden – Weingut Aufricht, Meersburg-Stetten
Thrice place 2012 Oppenheimer Herrenberg Réserve Rheinhessen – Weingut Manz, Weinolsheim
  2013 Laumersheimer Kirschgarten Pfalz – Weingut Zelt, Laumersheim
  2013 Burggarten „R“ Ahr – Weingut Burggarten, Heppingen


Winner 2011 AnnA Baden – Weingut Seeger, Leimen
2. Place 2014 „Chapelle“ Baden – Weingut Martin Wassmer, Bad Krozingen-Schlatt
3. Place 2009 „Zeitreise“ Pfalz – Weingut Darting, Bad Dürkheim


Winner 2014 Syrah Heiligenberg Pfalz – Weingut Stachel, Maikammer
2. Place 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon Kalkgestein Pfalz – Weingut Siegrist, Leinsweiler
3. Place 2011 Merlot Réserve Rheinhessen – Weingut Braunewell, Essenheim


Winner 2013 ***Württemberg – Weinmanufaktur Untertürkheim
2. Place 2011 „X“ Württemberg – Weingut G.A. Heinrich, Heilbronn
3.Place 2012 Fellbacher Lämmler „P“ Großes Gewächs Württemberg – Fellbacher  Weingärtner
(v.l.n.r.) Gewinner der Kategorien Deutsche Klassiker, Unterschätzte Sorten, Edelsüß und Neuzüchtungen. (© VINUM)
(f.l.t.r.) Winner of categories German Classics, Underrated Varieties, Noble Sweet and New Breeds. (© VINUM)
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Winner 2012 Frühburgunder Marienthaler Rosenberg Ahr – Weingut Peter Kriechel, Ahrweiler
2. Place 2013 St. Laurent Réserve Pfalz – Weingut Philipp Kuhn, Laumersheim
3. Place 2014 Frühburgunder Hardtberg Großes Gewächs Ahr – Weingut Kreuzberg, Dernau


Two winners 2012 Portugieser Rheinhessen – Weingut Mett & Weidenbach, Ingelheim
  2014 Pinot Meunier Pfalz – Weingut Metzger, Grünstadt-Asselheim
3. Place 2011 Wildmuskat Auslese Württemberg – Weingut Amalienhof, Heilbronn


Winner 2015 St. Laurent/Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc de Noir Beerenauslese Pfalz – Weingut Frey, Essingen
2. Place 2015 Pinot Noir Blanc de Noir Beerenauslese Britzinger Sonnenhole Baden – Winzergenossenschaft Britzingen
3. Platz 2015 Wein aus getrockneten Trauben (Lemberger) Württemberg – Weingärtner Cleebronn-Güglingen


Winner 2012 Zweigelt „Passion“ Württemberg – Weingut Karl Haidle, Kernen-Stetten
2. Place 2013 Dornfelder Divinus Württemberg – Weinkonvent Dürrenzimmern
3. Place 1991 Dornfelder „Philipp Bassler“ Pfalz – Winzergenossenschaft Weinbiet, Neustadt-Mussbach
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