Even angels do not stop in front of the wine - They left the wine scene in 2016
They were the pioneers of a generation. (© Fiedels)

GERMANY (Würzburg) - They are considered pioneers in the wine, they were the hope of their families, they lived through a turbulent entrepreneurs existence, they wrote history, they broke structures and were role models for the next generation. They looked forward and were undeterred until ... yes until they left us. Some of the beloved and respected personalities could still say goodbye to their famlies, others it was not granted.


In retrospect, and in remembrance of 'Initiator of the term feinherb': ANNEGRET REH-GARTNER // ''Gunderloch Vintner': FRITZ HASSELBACH // 'Natural Wine Pioneer': STANKO RADIKON // 'Ambassadress of Napa Valley': MARGRIT BIEVER MONDAVI // 'Storybook Wengerter': GIPSI ALDINGER // 'Founder of Rosemount': ROBERT OATLEY (red.yoopress)

Nachruf_RobertOatley JANARY 2016: "Robert Oatley, Founder of Rosemount, Is Dead" – Robert Oatley, whose former Rosemount Wine Estate is considered as synonym for the success of Australian wines in the USA, died at the age of 87. He was born in 1928 in a suburb of Sydney, and represented the fifth generation of a family who had become rich by coffee import. But … read more

Nachruf_GipsiAldinger FEBRUARY 2016: "We Say Farewell to „Gipsi“ Aldinger: A Storybook Wengerter (vintner)" – Sadly, Wurttemberg’s vintners’ heaven can register a famous new member: Gerhard Aldinger, senior boss of the wine estate with the same name located at Fellbach, said farewell to life on earth – just under two weeks after he had … read more

Nachruf_MargritBieverMondavi SEPTEMBER 2016: "Margrit Biever Mondavi, Pioneer and Ambassadress of Napa Valley, Died" – Robert Mondavi Winery lost its jewel. “An inspiring woman left our physical world – but her spirit will stay alive”, Claudia Schug Schütz, representative of Schuh Carneros Estate, posted on Facebook. Since Margrid Biever Mondavi arrived in the wine and … read more

Nachruf_StankoRadikon OCTOBER 2016: "Natural Wine Pioneer Stanko Radikon Died" – An outright talented and courageous vintner, one of the wittiest heads of Italy’s wine scene, leader of the natural wine movement and supporter of orange wines died on September 11. Finally, Stanko Radikan lost his fight against cancer – he died at 62. … read more

Nachruf_FritzHasselbach OCTOBER 2016: "Farewell to Gunderloch Vintner Fritz Hasselbach" –  The Rheinhessen VDP had to bid farewell to a vintner who started his career in the 1980ies by making a Nackenheim winery, which belonged his parents-in-law, a flagship for the region. Fritz Hasselbach, a child of the important 1946 vintage (born on 1st of September) died on … read more

Nachruf_AnnegretRehGartner OCTOBER 2016: "Farewell to Annegret Reh-Garntner" – “I Did it My Way”. This famous song by Frank Sinatra was the headline of her death notice. The text of this song described the life of Annegret Reh-Gartner. "I’ve had a fulfilling life. I did what I had to do, I met any challenge”, the text says, besides other things. Finally, the boss of the … read more
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