Lloyds covers a vintager's nose



Lloyds covers a vintager's nose
Die Nase und Geruchssinn eines Winzer sind ebenso wichtig wie die Finger einer Köchin. Zitat: Ilja Gort
Ilja Gort have aprecious nose

FRANCE - Ilja Gort, vintager and owner of the Bordeaux-vineyard Château de la Garde plus a well-known wine tester, has had assured his nose for five million Euros at Lloyds. He justified his decision in reporting a case where a man had lost his entire olfactory sense.


Thereupon, the 47 year-old Gort formed the opinion that his nose was his most important "tool" to practise his job and that hence the fee for this extraordinary assurance wasn't too high.

Of course, Lloyds has covered its back and from now on, Gort may neither ride a motorbike nor fight in a boxing match. Furthermore, activities like fire-eating or assisting a knife-thrower in a circus appear on the prohibition list. Gort acknowledges this restraints with a wink and points out that he naturally will also mind who shaves him or cuts his beard. In the future, he will have to be treated by professionals in both cases.

On the part of Lloyds, one declares to have specialised on the covering of extraordinary risks like the covering of Marlene Dietrich's legs or Keith Richards' fingers. And Lloyd is also literate with the risk of noses, because already in 2003, the wine tester Angela Mount had her sensitive nose covered by this corporation for more than 12.5 million Euros. (red.yoopress)

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