French winemaker poisoned his wife because she worked too much



French winemaker poisoned his wife because she worked too much
Winzer Jacky Chatelain versuchte seine Frau langsam mit Arsen zu vergiften, er wurde verhaftet, kam aber vorerst auf Kaution wieder auf freien Fuß
Winemaker Jacky Chatelain has attempted to slowly poison his wife with arson. He has been arrested, but released on bail for now.

FRANCE (Dijon) - A French winemaker has been charged with attempting to poison his wife with arsenic food and beverages, said district attorney Francois Perain in Dijon in an interview with the Agence France Press. Fortunately, he was not successful, but his wife is still suffering from the consequences.


Jacky Chatelain, a 51-year-old vineyard owner from the Chablis-region of Burgundy, has now been arrested after a four- year investigation. In the first arraignment hearing, the district attorney accused him of deliberately poisoning his wife Josiane.

Under questioning, he meekly admitted the deed. He justified his attempt by stating that his wife has hardly taken of her domestic and marital duties and has not supported him with the wine sale because she had been working too hard in the vineyard most of the time.

The charge has been approved, but Chatelain has been allowed to leave the courtroom after providing bail. He is temporarily forbidden from entering the Yonne administrative district where his meanwhile divorced wife is living. Furthermore, he is enjoined from contacting her at all. (aw.yoopress)

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