The Danish royals and their wine contribution to the climate conference in 'Flopenhagen'
Weingut des Prinzgemahls von Margerathe II in Luzech Frankreich (Foto:
The Prince Consort of Margrethe II owns the winery which is situated in Luzech, France (picture:

DENMARK (Copenhagen) - Summit on climate change? Well, this one ended in a global disaster. What else can say about it? Well, … we can report about the Danish royal family and its question: "What do you put on the table when you are inviting monarchs, world leaders and head of states to dinner? The answer: You make sure that the meals and beverages, wines included, contain low-carbon".


At a royal banquet hosted last Thursday, Queen Margrethe II placed the emphasis on serving only locally-sourced products, rather than exotic ingredients flown in from far away.

The menu kicked off with pureed scallops (from local fishing grounds) in green sauce, followed by turkey loaf (from local hunting districts) with an emulsion of peas, braised potatoes in tarragon sauce (all products were from the royal garden or home-grown). Almost all products served did not affect the climate.

Only the wine served to the menu, and especially the dessert, a cake with caramel sauce, wasted a little carbon. The wines were grown on the "Château De Cayx", a French wine estate owned by Prince Consort Henrik. However, the high- ranking guests were not bothered about this as it actually did not matter if you compared the miles, the wine flew from France to Denmark, with the distance the guests travelled. This would not have been in the sense of the climate summit in "Flopenhagen", and it would much less have been a topic at a royal dinner which has almost been carbon free. (aw.yoopress)

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