Edible Is also Distillable: From Zwieback to A Distillate
Bei Neukirch denken die meisten Sachsen wohl an Zwieback. In der Kleinstadt in der Oberlausitz gibt es allerdings auch eine kleine Brennerei. Beide haben nun einen Zwiebackschnapps erfunden. (© Heidi Diehl / goodmanphoto)
At Neukirch most Saxons think of Zwieback. There is also a small distillery in the small town of Oberlausitz. Both have now invented a "Zwieback Schnaps". (© Heidi Diehl / goodmanphoto)

GERMANY (Neukirch) – For each one who grew up in the GDR, “Neukircher Zwieback” is part of his or her childhood memories. It tastes purely, is particularly crispy, and with butter and jam or honey on it, it is a real delicacy. Adults also love him, above all women. Men are rather reluctant. This zwieback from the Oberlausitz region is still available, it is produced there since 1900, this particularly crispy biscuit is still loved by children and many women. In the future, this zwieback might be enjoyed by men, as well – above all in liquid form. As from now on, “Neukircher Zwieback” is available as a distillate, too, probably the first “spirit” of its kind worldwide.


And that is how it came: During the 2016 New Year reception of the village, mayor Jens Zeiler introduced the representatives of the Zwieback plant to those of the Schusterliebs distillery, which has its headquarters also in Neukirch. Both sides began to talk and soon had an idea for a common project – to unify both crafts, thus, creating a new regional product – because almost everything that is edible is also distillable!

For a first experiment, the zwieback plant supplied 200 kilograms of the crispy biscuit to the distillery. “To accomplish it, we first had to carry out many experiments because by now, no comparable distillate exists”, the master distiller remembers, who has thus created the 53rd product of brands of Schusterliebs. “We steeped the ground zwieback like we always do when we produce spirits, made it ferment, and distilled it. The process took about one week, and finally the distillate was allowed to cool down in a stoneware container and to ripen in the dark fermentation cellar.”

Now, exactly one year after the initial idea, everyone can taste what was made out of it. The result is so good that both companies want to work even more intensively in the future. We are already planning gift packs with biscuits (Zwieback) and schnaps. Mayor Heinemann belonged to the supporters of the "Zwieback-Schnaps" from the beginning: "Distillery and Zwieback have a tradition with us and it is logical in the sense of the municipality to advertise with both brands."

f.l.t.r. Jens Zeiler (Mayor of Neukirch), Dr. Michael Heinemann (Managing Director of Weißenfelser Handelsgesellschaft mbH, parent company of "Neukircher Zwieback GmbH") and Schusterliebsbrand-Brennmeister Steffen Lindner. (© Medienkontor Peter Dyroff)
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The spirit was bottled in 0.5 liter bottles and is offered by the local gastronomers, but it is also available as 0.2 liter bottle at 17.80 euro ex distillery and ex Neukirch zwieback plant. (heidi.diehl)

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